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Alice revisited

Play at the TLH

The story of Alice in Wonderland is an absolute classic, inscribed in our collective unconscious. But what does she have to tell us particularly today? How does a story like that resonate with us? Who would be our white rabbit? Who would we be willing to follow until we forget our own identity?How can we belong to a world whose codes escape us?

In Alice revisited, director Catherine Travelletti gives the floor to a dozen teenager and tries to answer their questions. he takes up the theme of adolescence as migration to adulthood, adolescence as a search for identity, metamorphosis, group membership, fascination and fear of the unknown and the risk behaviours that flow from it. In a colourful scenography where visual cues and the logic of dimensions are heckled, the young actors of Alice revisited set off to meet their own country of Wonders. And, in Alice's words, "if the world has no meaning, who's to stop us from inventing one?"


  • from 12.08.2020 to 15.08.2020


  • Full price : 30 CHF / person
  • One evening, 2 shows : 20 CHF / 15 CHF/ show
  • AHV, IV, unemployed, employed persons : 20 CHF / person
  • groups from 10 people : 20 CHF / person
  • Card "AG CULTUREL" : 0 CHF / person
  • Student, children, adult accompanying a child under 12 years old : 15 CHF / person

Practical information

  • The ticket office opens 1 hour before the begin of the show.

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