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The cultural activities of the castle Mercier

Each year, the castle Mercier offers a rich cultural program combining concerts, literary meetings, various festivals, guided tours, etc. . .

The castle transportes us all year long in its cultural univers.

Various activities await you:

  • The aperitif concerts of the castle

In an intimate and convivial setting, the Conservatoire Cantonal de Musique de Sion, the castle Mercier in Sierre and the Ordre de la Channe have decided to marry music and wine through aperitif concerts that will take place throughout the year 2020. No tickets are sold at the entrance. However, at the end of each meeting, a hat is placed at the exit of the castle to receive donations from the participants. 


  • Literary meetings

In collaboration with several partners, meet various writers during evenings at the castle Mercier


  • Guided tours of the gardens of the castle Mercier

On Pradegg Hill, Mrs. Mercier de Molin, with the help of botanist Henry Correvon, has achieved a real prodigy by creating a green oasis on this arid and bare slope. Designed in the English style, the 4-hectare park that surrounds the castle features a variety of new atmospheres. This completely eclectic garden brings together plants from different parts of the world. 


  • Guided tours of the interior of the castle Mercier

At the beginning of the 20th century, Jean-Jacques Mercier and Marie Mercier de Molin built their new residence, an imposing Heimatstil building, on the Sierroise hill of Pradegg. A bust of an Indian sage, pieces of Manchu furniture, combined with paintings by Ernest Biéler, Edmond Bille, C. C. Olsommer and Paul Robert, serve the contrasting wealth that castle Mercier unfolds ad infinitum. 


Contact the tourist office to find out the different dates of the organised guided tours and register without delay.


  • Rencontres Orient-Occident (East-West Meetings)

These Meetings offer a platform to cultivate the art of dialogue and debate in the interwoven fields of philosophy, history, politics and geo-politics, law, economics, ecology, spirituality, between :

  • Eastern and Western thinkers and artists from the Mediterranean basin
  • art and thought, art serving to transmit thoughts faster than words, to shed light on certain obscure or confused facets of them, to prolong them by expressing the unspeakable, to mobilize the whole being of the listener. . .
  • scholars and the general public, all animated by a spirit of freedom, or rather seeking the means to free one's mind from its various shackles, through dialogue .

For more information, click here.

Good to know
Private visits of the castle can be arranged upon request to Ms. Patuto.

 Number of people

 min. 10 people


According to availability

Mme Carine Patuto
+41 79 294 08 88
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