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A bike ride along the banks of the Rhône, to enjoy the picturesque view of La Brèche lake and the 7th hole of the Sierre golf course.

The banks of the rhône

From its source in the eponymous glacier, the Rhône travels 140km through Valais, before continuing on its way to Lake Geneva and beyond, towards the Mediterranean.

Its banks offer many cool, peaceful walks with idyllic views.

As it was in the beginning

If you want to imagine the Rhône as it was in its early days, then visit the last wild part of the river, near Sierre.

Bike hire

City bikes, MTBs and e-MTBs are available to hire from the Valaisroule/Wallisrollt station in Chippis until 27 October 2019. For more information, visit  : ValaisRoule

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