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Espace Terroirs

An original interpretation centre dedicated to the Valais vineyards – educational, fun and unconventional.
Located in a converted barn in the heart of the village of Miège, Espace Terroirs invites you to explore the chequered landscape of the Valais winegrowing region. A land of glaciers, of ancient stone, of winds – here you will discover all the secrets of the Valais soil. The upper floor is dedicated to People and the Land; it includes a tasting area where you can appreciate the richness and diversity of the region’s specialities.
AdressRuelle de la Calattra 1
Locality3972 Miège
Opening hours
L'Espace terroirs : ouvert de mars à novembre, 11h-17h30 (visites possibles toute l'année sur demande) L'oenothèque : ma-sa 11h-13h et 17h-21h
Weekly closing day
Monday, Sunday