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Pfyn-Finges, a nature park of national significance

The nationally-significant Pfyn-Finges nature park is a prime site for biodiversity and wildlife in Switzerland. It offers activities all the year round.

Situated in the heart of the Valais, the Pfyn-Finges nature park fits into a limited space between the Rhône and its gravel islets, torrid steppes, dry pine forests, a tropical-looking alluvial forest, ponds and pastures.

This diversity, characterised by the presence of around a hundred extremely rare species, gives the Pfyn-Finges nature park its “nationally significant” status.

Did you know?
To guide you during your visits, the Pfyn-Finges nature park offers themed excursions (tailored to the group) from February to November, as well as an information centre, the Nature and Countryside Centre at Salgesch.

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