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Share your favourite routes and explore new ones

The SNUKR platform is a tool for publishing dynamic, community-based content. It offers a new way of showcasing the features of each region, and the places and points of interest within it.

It's easy to use: any places that generate particular attention from visitors or residents of the region – gardens, historic monuments, parks, fountains, viewing points, unusual features, etc. – can be considered to be points of interest.

The platform brings together all the centres of interest in the form of a virtual notebook and allows users to create and share content and interact with the SNUKR community about any of the points of interest worldwide, which are presented as themed itineraries.

Now, all the platform needs is you! Register on SNUKR to (re)discover an area via this simple, effective and dynamic tool.

With a view to raise the profile of the town and the area around it, the Tourist Office for Sierre, Salgesch and Surroundings has decided to become one of the pilot regions for an innovative community platform called SNUKR.