Hôtel Arkanum - Sigi et Rita

Rita and Sigi

Meeting with Rita and Sigi, managers of the Hôtel Arkanum
We visited in June 2023  

Hôtel Arkanum


The name Arkanum comes from the Latin word “arcanum”, which means secret. And we all have secrets, don’t we? Some we keep close to our chests; others we choose to share with a few favoured confidants. But has anyone ever told you about the secret of Hôtel Arkanum? We wanted to uncover this mystery, so we opened the doors of the hotel to meet Rita and Sigi, who have been running it since 2014.  

Hôtel Arkanum is located in the heart of the wine-growing village of Salgesch. All of its décor has been designed around the fruit that is so dear to the region: the grape. If you take a stroll through the hotel’s corridors or through the restaurant, you will see all the little touches that make reference to grapes. And what could be more original than sleeping in a wine cask or a wine press? The hotel has several themed rooms that will take you on an overnight journey through the world of wine production.  

The food served in the restaurant is seasonal, home-made and local. The menu has a section featuring dishes with the local “Parc de Finges” label. Rita and Sigi will be happy to help you select the perfect wine from their great selection to accompany your meal. This is a wonderful opportunity to taste the grape varieties of the region... and who knows... after a few glasses, perhaps tongues will be loosened enough to reveal a secret?  

Hôtel Arkanum

What we love about it


The wine theme and the many touches that make reference to it lend this hotel a very special character. Whether you are a wine lover or are just looking for a unique place to stay the night, the experience rooms offer an unforgettable experience.