Assiette valaisanne - produits locaux


Proud of our country and aware of how lucky we are, we advocate sustainable and responsible tourism that favours the consumption of local products. We would like to take you on a voyage of discovery of our typical local products.


Brisolée is a culinary tradition with deep roots in the Valais region. This typical dish, particularly popular in autumn, is a celebration of the fruit and chestnut harvests. Brisolée is a cold platter of roasted chestnuts and fresh grapes accompanied by Alpine cheeses and dried meats. The rich flavours of the chestnuts pair perfectly with the strong taste profile of the cheese and the sweetness of the fruit to create a unique gourmet experience.


Game showcases the authentic flavours of nature. Dishes prepared with the meat of native game animals such as chamois and deer reflect the richness of the culinary tradition in the Sierre region. The recipes, handed down from generation to generation, subtly combine the flavours of the meat with local ingredients to create hearty and delicious meals.

Raclette and fondue

Raclette and fondue have a special place in the local gastronomy of our region. Conviviality reigns at meals shared around the fondue pot or raclette wheel, offering an authentic gourmet experience where the warmth of cheese blends with camaraderie. These culinary traditions bring local cuisine to life and make for unforgettable moments showcasing the culinary heritage of the region of Sierre.


Dried meat

Dried meat is a culinary tradition embodying the art of preservation. Made using high-quality meat, often beef, it is carefully salted and dried in the pure mountain air of Valais. The result is a tasty and nutritious snack bursting with local flavours. Dried meat is a culinary legacy prized for its authentic flavour and connection with nature.


Originating in the district of Glarey in Sierre, Glareyarde is a fondue of beef marinated with mountain herbs cooked in a broth and enjoyed with various dipping sauces. Some even consider the dipping sauces unnecessary, as the seasoned meat itself is so delicious. This fondue is the signature dish of the Restaurant l'Anniviers in Sierre and is also sold by the majority of butchers in the area.

Rye bread

Rye bread is an artisanal speciality rooted in local tradition. Prepared with local rye flour and baked using ancestral methods, this bread has a dense texture and robust flavour. A symbol of connection to the land, rye bread is an authentic foodstuff showcasing the art of regional baking and paying homage to the culinary practices inherited from our ancestors.


Long associated with Switzerland, chocolate is an art form. Divine, sensual, profound, sumptuous, powerful, rich, seductive, suggestive, excessive, silken, sweet, luxurious, heavenly. There is no shortage of words to describe the pleasure of a chocolate-tasting experience. That magic moment when time seems to stand still and your senses are awakened and eager for more.

medicinal and aromatic plants

The Masserey family has been cultivating 40 species of medicinal, aromatic and condiment plants in Venthône since 1984. Thyme, sage, tarragon, oregano, mint and lemon balm (among others) are grown on the hillside in accordance with the BIO-SUISSE guidelines and quality requirements. The Masserey family is the official supplier for Ricola cough drops, Bio Alp Tea and Grand St Bernard seasonings.