The product of sun-soaked hillsides and crystal-clear springs...the region of Sierre offers a wide range of authentic beverages. From our award-winning vineyards to local breweries, these drinks reveal the passion and expertise of our artisans.


Sierre is the no. 1 wine-producing region in Switzerland. With almost 5,000 plots belonging to more than 2,500 producers, wine is everywhere you look here.
Cultural in the museum and educational on the wine trail, wine turns into pleasure in the cellars, wine bars, cafés and restaurants as well as at events such as “VINEA – Le salon des vins suisses” and the “Marche des Cépages” vineyard hike.

Eaux de vie

Apricot, Williams pear, wormwood, apple, raspberry, plum...these fruits and herbs emblematic of Valais are distilled by the region’s producers. Fruity and delicate at the same time, these spirits are rooted in the traditions of our canton and served as a digestif to round off a meal, to accompany a dessert or to add an extra something special to a refreshing cocktail.

  • Local Products

Die Eau-de-Vie von Colline de Daval

Since 2015, Colline de Daval has been distilling various regional specialties with its own still.

Colline de Daval 5, 3960 Sierre

+41 27 458 45

Craft beers

Do you prefer blond, white, amber or dark beer? Hop enthusiasts will also find plenty to tickle their taste buds in the region of Sierre. You can sample a wide range of craft beers in our brasseries – beers with character that are sure to pleasantly surprise you with their expressive or distinctive flavours. 

  • Local Products

Brasserie La Sierrvoise

Founded in 1997, the La Sierrvoise craft brewery has developed a beer with character that reflects the Valais region.

Z.I Ile Falcon, 3960 Sierre

+41 27 456 59
  • Local Products

Hoppy People

Founded in 2016, the Hoppy People craft brewery stands out for its beers with expressive aromas.

Rue des Sablons 11, 3960 Sierre

Fruit juice

Made with fruit kissed by the sun and grown with love, the region’s fruit juices and nectars are teeming with natural freshness and local flavours. Let yourself be seduced by the juice products of the Sierre artisans. 

  • Local Products

La Colline de Daval fruit juices

Let yourself be tempted by these fresh, tasty juices that will transport you to the heart of the Swiss mountains.

Colline de Daval 5, 3960 Sierre

+41 27 458 45