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Sierre, Salgesch & Vicinities tourism promotion office


Founded in 1897, the tourism promotion office is the advisory body for the municipalities of Sierre, Salgesch, Chippis and Noble-Contrée in tourism matters and includes both professional organisations and people interested in regional tourism.


The goals of the tourism promotion office are:

To achieve these goals, it exercises the powers devolved to it by law, notably:

The committee

The committee is made up of 10 members:

General meeting

The members

Any company or individual may become a member of the tourism promotion office. In addition to supporting the work of the Tourist Information office, members are entitled to be listed on the website and, depending on the activity, in the tourism brochure.
The membership fee is set at CHF 100 per year for companies (including hotels, restaurants and wine cellars), CHF 80 for bed & breakfasts and CHF 50 for individuals.